Yellowstone National Park: Flooding Expected

It looks like Yellowstone National Park may see the highest waters that they have seen since 1997. The park is under close watch as the river and lake at the park race towards record-breaking levels.

yellowstone national parkThe Billings Gazette records that the Yellowstone River could reach the highest flows ever measured at the Fishing Bridge gauging station. The Yellowstone Lake is continuing to swell and may reach almost 10,000 cub feet per second, this is according to the National Weather Service.

The record crest of 8.9 feet was set back in 1997 and the park’s spokesman Al Nash says “It looks like the forecast calls for the river to reach its previous record at least… People are going to see water in places they don’t normally see water.”

The river was listed at 8.3 feet on Monday.

It appears that most of the flooding will affect outside of the park so visitors are not going to have to worry about being flooded out of their visit but walkways, the marina and an old boathouse cold possibly be affected by the rising waters.

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