Mariah Carey Twins: Getting Back In Shape After Baby

It seems that after having the Mariah Carey twins, mom is getting ready to get back in shape only 2 months after having the twins.

mariah carey twinsI am sure there is plenty of pressure on the pop star to get back into shape. Her body is one of her assets that she does love to flaunt so getting back to that hot bod after birthing two 5 pound babies is going to be one of her big goals.

The Grammy-winner was caught by cameras out in a black tracksuit with what is believed to be two personal trainers.

The names of her children are Monroe and Morocco. Monroe was named after Marilyn Monroe and Morocco was named after the Moroccan décor in Carey’s favorite room.

Mariah Carey had her children with performer Nick Cannon and gave birth to them on April 30th in a hospital in Los Angeles.

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