Lula Cora Hood: Missing Woman Found After 40 Years

The family of Lula Cora Hood had totally given up on the idea of ever seeing her again. Hood vanished 40 years ago after a family fight. Hood’s daughter was only 15 when she last saw her mother.

lula cora hoodAfter Lula Cora Hood went missing remains were found which were believed to be hers and her family buried her and figured “well, she’s went on to be with the Lord”. Well forty years after this incident it seems that police found out that the bones weren’t at all those of Lula Cora Hood.

After a simple internet search for this woman it was found out that the 84-year-old woman was in Jacksonville, Florida.

There are very little details on what the woman is doing now or why she was gone but at the time of the incident Hood was known to have mental problems. Hood’s daughter plans on making a trip down to Florida as soon as possible so that she can see the woman that is believed to be her mother.

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