Maria Shriver: Buys $10 Million Home

Well it looks like Maria Shriver is going to be doing just fine after her divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger but she isn’t waiting until the divorce is over to move out. She isn’t moving just anywhere either. Maria is moving into a home that is worth $10 million!

maria shriverSources that are connected with the deal tell us that the home is in Brentwood. You know where that is, it is not too far from where O.J. Simpson lived when he murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

For the last 6 months Maria Shriver has been looking for homes on the west side of L.A. but it seems now she has settled on a home that is quite near the one that she shared with Arnold.

Sources say that the couple is determined to keep their divorce amicable. Anorld and Maria have agreed to joint custody of their two minor children and since their homes are so close it will make things much more simple.

The deal on the house is still in escrow from what we can tell but it is said to close soon.

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