Brad Womack And Emily Maynard Break Up News

The couple fell in love on the Bachelor after Brad Womack had to come back for another round to find the right lady. Brad Womack and Emily Maynard were engaged on the finale but it just couldn’t seem to stick. The couple was seen out together on several different occasions but soon after rumors started to fly that all was not right in paradise.

brad womack and emily maynardLast week Emily revealed that Brad Womack and Emily Maynard were in fact broken up and that the relationship had turned into a nightmare. The beautiful blond is very upset and says she does not know where to turn since many times she will tell something to a girlfriend and it will end up in a magazine.

Brad admits that the break up was his fault and said that he gave Emily every reason to leave him. Sounds like he’s trying to butter her up to get her back but I don’t think Emily is going to have any of that.

Sources say that Emily is in fact in talks with Bachelorette producers to be the next Bachelorette. Even though Emily has just been single for a month there are plenty of guys lining up for a short to woo the beautiful Miss Emily.

Do you think Emily Maynard will find love this time around or will she go back to Brad Womack after the show?

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