Derek Jeter 3000th Hit Video: Home Run Makes it 3000 Hits for Derek Jeter

Saturday, July 9 2011 at Yankee Stadium the legendary New York Yankee, Derek Jeter, made it 3000 career hits. Derek Jeter’s 3000th hit was no ordinary hit as it was also a home run to tie the ball game. The Tampa Bay Rays starter, David Price, was the pitcher who gave up Derek Jeter’s 3000th hit.

Derek Jeter 3000 hits

The game was in the bottom of the 3rd inning at the time of the monster home run by the Yankee great. It was also a full count at 3-2 with 1 out when Price gave up the long ball. The Yankee fans were beyond ecstatic after his 3000th hit was made with the ball flying over the left field wall.

David Price is a great MLB pitcher and he will now be remembered in baseball history as the pitcher that Derek Jeter hit his 3000 career hit off of. The entire Yankee bench went on the field to congratulate Jeter and the entire Tampa Bay bench also stepped out onto the field to show their appreciation for this milestone. Jeter is now the 28th player in MLB history to ever have 3000 or more hits in a career. Fans everywhere will be looking for the Derek Jeter 3000th hit video so they can also witness history.

Derek Jeter’s 3000th Career Hit Video:

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