Hines Ward DUI: Steelers Hines Ward Arrested

Pittsburgh Steeler and Dancing With the Stars winner Hines Ward was arrested early Saturday on drunk driving charges. Ward was allegedly pulled over in Dekalb County Georgia and arrested for driving under the influence. He was later released on $1300 bond.

Hines Ward has been a member of the Steelers since 1998. He has won 2 Super Bowl’s with the team and was a Super Bowl MVP. He has played in the Pro Bowl 4 times in his career. This year he also was the recipient of the Mirror Ball trophy as the champion on Dancing With the Stars with his partner Kim Johnson.

This DUI controversy is nothing new for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Last year you might remember Ben Roethlisberger stirring up a lot of trouble for the NFL. He received a suspension from the NFL for his actions. We will have to wait and see what the NFL says about Hines Ward and his drunk driving charges.

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