Kristen Stewart: Stop Comparing Me To Casey Anthony

It seems that people will not stop comparing Twilight star Kristen Stewart to Casey Anthony. People are wondering if Stewart would play Anthony in a made-for-tv movie that is just waiting to happen.

kristen stewart casey anthonyKristen seems to be disgusted with the idea and says that she will not play that part for any amount of money. They do acknowledge that Stewart does in fact look a lot like Anthony but say that does not matter.

“Her people are really annoyed about the Casey Anthony comparisons,” says the insider, who acknowledges the physical resemblance. “Kristen wants that talk to blow over soon because it looks really bad.”

Do you think that Stewart should play Anthony? Will you watch the made-for-tv movie when it comes out? Many people are interested to find out more about the behind the scene when it comes to this likely killer’s life but how sickening will it be if the story is slanted towards her innocence? Who knows for sure what happened to little Caylee but very few people think justice was served in this case.


  1. Maybelle says:

    If she doesn’t want to play the role, she doesn’t need to. Leave her alone. And she doesn’t even look like Casey. Fuck this, who would want to play a killer anyway?

  2. Rick Patel says:

    Kristen Stewart was never as pretty as Casey Anthony, and never will be. Casey is beautiful, and she is the real deal. Kristen is all make-up. She is phony.

  3. bree says:

    Rick you are as big of a wack job as Casey is!!!
    I commend Kristen for not wanting to play Casey. Who the hell wants to here Casey’s story can’t trust what comes out of her mouth anyway! I will never watch, buy, read anything Casey comes up with. And she or anyone else should not profit from a little girls horable death. How outrageous and pathetic!!!

  4. dee says:

    OMG!!! Are you nuts?! Kristen is a beautiful and great actress!!! She would never even think or want to play casey! Kristen looks NOTHING like her!!!!!! People must NOT be seeing straight! Casey is a sociopath and a liar! No telling what she did to that beautiful innocent little girl! Her own daughter! It makes me feel ill! Stop saying these things about Kristen, who is a very sweet person! She has feelings, so stop hurting them! Casey should be put away forever!!! I hope that a movie NEVER gets made!! LEAVE Kristen alone NOW! Oh by the way , Casey is Not beautiful!! She’s frightening!!!

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