Dancing With The Stars: The Season Is Over But The Finalists Are Cashing In

The reality show Dancing With The Stars always wows a large audience with the dancing talent of the different stars that came on the show. The show is over for this season though so now what? Well it looks like the three finalists have stood to gain quite a bit for dancing their little hearts out.

dancing with the starsExperts are predicting that the three finalists are going to rake in at least $500,000 extra between them all. This will be from sponsorship deals, public appearances as well as endorsements.

Haley Bracken the Cricket WAG was hardly known before being on the series but is not expected to be in line for at least $100,000.

Damien Leith is already enjoying increased ticket and album sales for Roy but celebrity chef Manu Feidel is believed to be the real winner of the show. His profile is estimated to have boosted at least $250,000.

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