Iraqi War Veteran James Hackemer Dies In Roller Coaster Fall

One thing that you do not often think about when you get onto a roller coaster is the possibility of falling out of it.

james hackemerIraqi war veteran Sergeant James Hackemer, 29 died after he fell from the Ride of Steel roller coaster at Darien Lake Theme Park, Syracuse, NY. Hackemer was visiting the theme park with his daughters, sister and some other members of the family. His nephew Ashton who is a sophomore at the University at Buffalo was on the ride with him.

Park officials said that Mr Hackemer was in the front row of the coaster when he was ejected at 50 mph. After an investigation it appears that nothing was mechanically wrong with the ride and the safety harness and the restraining bar were working properly.

March 2007 marked the month and year that Mr Hackemer almost lost his life after both of his legs were blown off when his military vehicle hit an IED.

Hackemer’s mother Nancy Hackemer said late Friday night: ‘It’s going to help a little bit that he was happy.
‘We shouldn’t have had him for these last three years and four months.

‘After he was hit by the IED, he died once in the field and once on the operating table.’

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