Emily Maynard Interview: Emily Talks With Chris Harrison

On tonight’s episode of the Bachelorette featuring Ashley Hebert we will get to see the long awaited interview of Emily Maynard with Chris Harrison. Emily sat down with Chris to discuss what happened with her and Brad Womack. You might remember on this years finale of the Bachelor, Brad gave Emily the final rose and also proposed.

After the show ended the reality of being in the real world set in and relationship between Emily and Brad struggled. The paparazzi was constantly following the 2 always questioning the 2 about their relationship status. Back in May Emily was spotted without her engagement ring and the internet was a buzz with break up rumors. Emily Maynard interviewed with People magazine last month confirming that her and Brad were no longer together.

The July 11th episode of the Bachelorette will feature the Emily Maynard interview with Chris Harrison that will delve into what happened with her and Brad Womack. He declined to be a part of the interview, but approved of Emily discussing things with Chris. Brad has been quoted as saying that the break up was all his fault. Both Brad and Emily say that they have a deep love for each other but just can’t be together as a couple. Tune in tonight to get all the juicy details about the Brad and Emily break up!


  1. Joy says:

    That is all crap. More than Brad Emily appears to be an attention lover. If she wasn’t why then go to Califonia for this interview and talk to a mag. All crap. Brad has been off the radar and if Emily wanted too she could be too without this attention. I don’t believe a word she or Chris say. This whole program is junk. I watched it for the first time with season 15 and I won’t be ruining the option to watch any more.

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