FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011: US Defeat Brazil

The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 has narrowed the field down to 4 teams. Japan will face off against Sweden on Wednesday while the US will hit the field against France also on Wednesday. The tournament has been taking place in Germany and the final match is set for Sunday July 17th.

The US made there way into the semi-finals of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 with a thrilling win over Brazil. In the final minutes of extra time in the match and down a player American Abby Wambach scored to bring her team into a tie with Brazil. The match ended up by going into penalty kicks and the US came out on top scoring 5 while Brazil only scored 3.

The first semi final match between The US and France will take place at 18:00 PM CEST from the Monchengladbach. The second semi final between Japan and Sweden will start at 20:45 PM CEST from Frankfurt. The winners of these semi finals will face off Sunday while the 2 loosing teams will also face off in the bronze medal match on Saturday.

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