Emily Maynard Interview About Breakup with Brad Womack

Emily Maynard was interviewed on Monday night during The Bachelorette talking to Chris Harrison. She broke down in tears, saying she will always love Brad. Emily Maynard has had her heart broken or has she really? When does she start shooting her next Bachelorette reality series. Do we really believe this is reality, does true love lead to marriage or just good friends?

Emily Maynard Interview

Emily Maynard seemed to really want her relationship with Brad Womack to work. Brad gave his blessing to the interview, telling Emily, she could speak for both of them. Either Emily is for real, as she cried throughout the entire interview, or a very good actress, you decide. She looked as beautiful as ever and her fans were probably hanging on her every word.

Emily would not say anything bad about Brad, calling him a gentleman. She felt that Brad could not commit for the long term. She did not want to move her and her daughter to Austin, to be close to Brad, knowing that their loving relationship once enjoyed by both of them, would not continue and they would just remain good friends. Will Emily find true love once again on the next The Bachelorette?

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