‘A Dance with Dragons’ A Song of Ice & Fire Series

“A Dance with Dragons” is the latest publication of George R. Martin. It is a publication of A Song of Ice and Fire series.

Everybody expects that it will be the best seller because of public demand. The people have been waiting for the publication of this series for the last six years. But there is another thing to notice that the last book of this series was published six years ago and several critics were uncertain. The previous book, “A Feast for Crows” was criticized for a tough follow back and forth between fight scenes and long trails.

A Dance with Dragons

It seems that “A Dance with Dragons” will be another best seller just like the previous publications of this series. The novel has already reached the top seller of Amazon 100. There are many reviews that are glorifying Martin’s capabilities, and the book’s approach.

George R. Martin, the author of “A Dance with Dragons” has often been addressed as “an American Tolkien” for the sequences. George stated that this book is planned to draw a number of apparently differentiated story-lines. His admiration for Tolkien provides some object for the judgment. “Tolkien was my great ideal for much of this. Although I vary from Tolkien in significant ways” Martin said in an interview.

Let’s keep a close watch to the journey of “A Dance with Dragons”, to see how far it will go?

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