MLB: All Star Game

Baseball is a huge attractive game. Since baseball has an enormous popularity, it’s not only a game, it is now more than a game. It is now established as a part of American culture.

The Major League Baseball All Star Game is between the elite American league and National league players. The players of the All Star Game are generally selected by a combination of coaches, managers and fans. Generally the top players of the previous and current year are selected for the All Star Game. The All Star Game traditionally starts on the second Tuesday of July every year. From one year to another and from past to present, this game usually starts on Tuesday. Once upon a time, All Star Games were played twice in a year but now the format is changed. The players of each team usually wear their own team uniforms.

All Star Game

The venue of each All Star Game is generally selected by a committee of Major League Baseball and the venue normally changes every year. In 2010, this game was played in Angels Stadium, which is situated in California. But in 2011, the game will be played at Chase field, which is situated in Phoenix.

In 1933, the first All Star Game was started as part of the World’s Fair. The venue of first All Star Game was in Chicago. After the great success of first event, it became an annual event and in this way this game is now played every year.

There are so many people probably don’t know the history and summary of the MLB All Star Game. The above information may help them to gather some knowledge about All Star Game.

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