Dark Knight Rises: Official Poster of Dark Knight Rises Causes Excitement

The Dark Knight Rises is an upcoming film which will be launched next year. Approximately one year ago, the poster for the Dark Knight Rises was released by Warner Brothers in Gotham City as an official trailer poster. The Dark Knight Rises is a film is based on the popular comic hero Batman.

Dark Knight Rises Trailer

After launching the poster for the ‘Dark Knight Rises’, there had been huge discussions and gossip among Batman fans. The effects of this official movie poster are also showing across twitter. The fans of the Batman series are feeling so excited about this film, which is yet to be launched.  The poster for the Dark Knight Rises has gained extra weight in the media because it will be attached to the front of the final film of the Harry Potter series.

So far we know that, the Dark Knight Rises will be released in July, 2012. The excitement of the Bat-fans as well as general viewers indicates that this film will be one of the greatest and successful films in the coming year.  There are no fonts to be found on the poster, not even a single text. Even without any text, the poster has created big hype among the Bat-fans.

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