MLB Home Run Winner 2011

It was just a few hours ago when the MLB Home Run Derby 2011 was started, and nobody thought about Robinson Cano as a champion of the MLB Home Run Derby 2011. But now, it is a reality. Robinson Cano, now the new champion of MLB Home Run Derby 2011. He is the champion of this event despite some real hot favorite players who participated in this event such as Jose Batista, David Ortiz, Matt Holiday and Prince Fielder.

Home Run Derby Winner

Robinson Cano defeated Adrian Gonzalez by 12-11 in the final round and won the MLB Home Run Derby, even though his Boston competitor made the major splash at Chase Field.

With an assistance of his father, Cano defeated Gonzalez by 12-11 in the Monday night MLB Home Run Derby 2011 finals. Before that, Cano and Gonzalez both hit 20 home runs over two rounds. There was an excellent competition between them.

Robinson Cano’s father, Jose Cano was an ex baseball player, achieved success with his son. It will be a great memory for Robinson Cano that he won MLB Home Run Derby championship with his father. Cano also mentioned it and expressed his gratefulness to his father.

He told reporters “I want to tell my father that he’s one of the best fathers and thanks to him for the support”.

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