MLB Home Run Derby Winner

We all know who the new MLB Home Run Derby Winner is. Yes, it’s Robinson Cano. But before a few days or a few hours, is there anybody who believed that Cano can win the title? This is the main charm of MLB Home Run Derby.

Home Run Derby Winner

There were some charming events that occurred In Monday night MLB Home Run Derby final. I said charming because there were some incidents which we never imagined. As examples, we all knew that Jose Bautista was the hot favorite for MLB Home Run Derby final. But the actual scenario was different. Robinson Cano made 32 homeruns whereas Jose Bautista hit just 4 home runs! Isn’t it unbelievable? Not only this, though Jose Bautista participated in the MLB Home Run Derby 2011, it was Adrian Gonzalez who reached the final.

Prince Fielder, who was one of the best players in this event, eliminated himself from the game. Prince Fielder took ten outs while hitting only four home runs, but he needed 15 home runs. So, Only 4 home runs were not enough as he needed to hit. So Fielder was long gone.

Except for the two finalists, all other favorite MLB players of this Home Run Derby showed a poor performance which is an injustice against their skills and reputations. However, we didn’t say or think anything bad about these players before the Derby occurred. The best player of this Home Run Derby got the title of the Home Run Derby Champion-. Congratulations to Robinson Cano.

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