Vanderbilt Football: Bobby Johnson

Just hearing someone mention that name Vanderbilt brings about visions of great athletes with super minds and good grades. Vanderbilt athletes get degrees and they move on to be successful members of society. That’s not to say that other schools in the NCAA don’t do that, Vanderbilt just brings about those general thoughts. Now, in the upcoming 2010 football season, the players on the field at Vanderbilt will be missing a Vanderbilt staple in Bobby Johnson.

The 59-year-old coach made sure to emphasize that he was retiring and not resigning. He was steadfast that while he loved his job at Vanderbilt, he and his wife had made the decision together. For now, offensive coach Robbie Caldwell will be leading the squad while a replacement is located. Bobby Johnson received noting but congratulatory hugs from the Vanderbilt administration.

In the meantime, Caldwell will serve as the interim coach and although he seemed sad to lose his head coach, he also indicated his surprise at learning the news. Vice Chancellor Williams at Vanderbilt even seemed startled by the news. Last season, Vanderbilt was 2-10 and Williams indicated that he did all he could do to try to change the coaches decision. The best news for coaches on the look out for a job is that Bobby Johnson is one of three coaches in Vanderbilt history to keep the position of Head Coach for at least eight years.

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