Emily Maynard Interview

The Bachelor winner Emily Maynard broke out the waterworks during her interview with Chris Harrison on Monday. It was really strange because, she still has not said why she has broken off the relationship with Brad Womack. Everybody was really interested to know that what happened to her and Brad Womack.

Emily Maynard

Emily took her seat after Lucas and Ashley and confirmed to the show host Chris Harrison that she and Bachelor star Brad Womack are no longer engaged. After that, Maynard said something about her ex-fiancé which is more shocking. She actually said some good things about her ex-fiancé.

Emily used the word “gentleman” for her ex-fiancé. She also said that Brad is always going to be a part of her life and she will also always be in love with Brad. “Nobody will hear me tell a bad word about Brad”, she added. The mystery increased more after her comments about Brad. If her comments about Brad Womack are true then what happened? Emily said that she and her daughter desired to move to Austin, but they didn’t. So, Brad was the reason behind this, do you think?

Emily added that they decided on being single. It was a hard decision, she also said.

So what about the Bachelor? She said “Slight red flags would come up,” but didn’t elaborate, which means, we might see Emily as the next Bachelorette.

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