Emily and Brad Interview

Just a few months ago, the Emily and Brad Interview with Chris Harrison was one of the hottest topics for the media. Emily and Brad, the happy couple of “The Bachelor”, have released an announcement to the press media. They are canceling their plan on performing the normal post-show interviews.

Brad Emily Interview

After this statement, the news had spread within a few hours in all over the press and electronic media. This was more attractive news than the Emily and Brad interview.

For the sake of your curiosity, I would like to post those statements in this post which is “At long last, Emily and I can be open to the world and each other about our relationship.  Though we are madly in love, it has been a bumpy couple of months for us and our priority right now is to focus on our relationship. We hope that you can respect our privacy as we return to normalcy and begin our off-screen lives together.”

The statement released in March 2011 just after the Emily and Brad Interview with Chris Harrison became the most attracting news among the media. Chris Harrison, the man who sat down to interview Emily and Brad, also thought it really helped having the good couples on the show to talk to Emily and Brad.

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