MLB All-Star Game 2011

The MLB All Star Game 2011 is is played at Chase field in Phoenix, Arizona. The MLB All Star Game is placed in July of every year. It involves a high profile baseball game between the National League and American League all-star players. There are some popular and very skilled players like Jose Batista, Prince Fielder, Robinson Cano who participated in the Home Run Derby that will play in the 2011 MLB All Star Game. Some baseball fans are outraged that Derek Jeter will not be at the MLB All Star Game in 2011 because he needs rest.

MLB All Star Game 2011

Monday, the MLB All Star Home Run Derby completed and a new champion was discovered. Robinson Cano, the new player and who was clearly an underdog in this tournament, now has a title of new Home Run Derby champion. In MLB Home Run Derby, he defeated Adrian Gonzalez by 12-11 with his dad Jose pitching to him.

The actual MLB All Star Game is set for the first pitch at 8:00 PM EST however the pre-game festivities hit most television networks at 7:25 PM EST. The National League All Stars are currently favored to beat the American League All stars at most sportsbook in Las Vegas. Who do you think will win the MLB All Star Game 2011 and have home field advantage in the World Series?

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