“Gilligan’s Island” and “The Brady Bunch” Sherwood Schwartz Dead

Sherwood Schwartz passed away on Tuesday at the age of 94. He was the creator of “Gilligan’s Island” and “The Brady Bunch”. Two television shows that both have their place in history. His concept for the shows was to teach people to get along with one another, and where could his characters be placed to accomplish this feat. The hilarious shows were based on more than just comedy.

Sherwood Schwartz Death

In 1938, Sherwood Schwartz began his career writing for “The Bob Hope Show” on the radio at that time. His brother Al Schwartz was also writing for this show. Sherwood Schwartz wrote for “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet”, also on radio. When he moved to write for television, he won an Emmy for “The Red Skeleton Show”. He also wrote for “My Favorite Martian” and a show similar to “I Love Lucy”, called “I Married Joan”.

The memories he brought to life with “Gilligan’s Island” and “The Brady Bunch” will always remain as two of the best shows brought to our television sets. “Gilligan’s Island” with it’s cast of the Skipper, the Professor, The Movie Star, the Millionaire and His Wife, all trapped on a deserted island. The theme songs from these two iconic shows also showed off Schwartz’s writing skills. “The Brady Bunch” introduced us to a family we will all remember, a family that listened to one another, no matter how young or how old the characters were in the show. These comedy episodes were more to America then just comedy, they were a relief at the end of a day, where one could break away from reality. Thank you Sherwood Schwartz.

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