Casey Anthony Release From Prison: New Look, New Name, New Town

Could Casey Anthony be coming to a town near you? With the release of Casey Anthony from prison coming soon what will the most hated woman in America do to get her life back. Reports state that Ms. Anthony is considering changing her name, and moving to a new town. It would probably also be a good idea for Casey to change her look so that she doesn’t resemble to Casey of the past.

You all will remember that last week Casey Anthony was found not guilty in the murder of her daughter Caylee Anthony. It seemed a though the evidence that was presented was too circumstantial for jurors to convict. The death of Caylee still remains a mystery and will probably remain that way.

Casey Anthony is set to be released from prison this Sunday, July 17th. She was acquitted on the murder charges but was however still charged with some misdemeanor acts. Time she spent remanded in custody while awaiting her murder trial was credited back to her and thus she will be released in just a few short days.

In other Casey Anthony news she is being sued by a group of people who searched for Caylee back in 2008. Casey had asked the company Equusearch to help find her daughter Caylee, who she already knew was dead. The company is suing Ms. Anthony for over $100,000 claiming fraud.


  1. granpa says:

    This is the saddest time for all of us ,knowing that this poor little girl was killled by her mother just so she could go out and party!!She is not a mother, she is a monster, and I hope someone gets her and puts her away where she belongs.I love my grankids with every breath that i take, how can someone do this?may she burn in hell!!

  2. Christy Downs says:

    Once casey gets out of of whatever then someone will find her and kill her,

    NO JOKE!!

  3. Jesus says:

    People will do anything for money.

  4. Cheri says:

    Casey cannot hide, even if she changes her name, haircolor…..somebody will find her She’s guilty, and there are people out there that will see that she gets what she deserves.

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