Charlie Sheen Dead: A Rumor

There was shocking news released through the internet that Charlie Sheen is dead. The question was the hot search through the internet. People were wondering about this news and tried to get information of whether Charlie Sheen dead or not?

Are you still searching for the answer about the death of Charlie Sheen? If you still don’t know about it, then you can stop your search. You should not worry because it is a strong rumor. Charlie Sheen is still alive. The rumor of “Charlie Sheen dead” may have occurred because of the news that the fictional character of Charlie Sheen in the sitcom “Two and a Half Men” Charlie Harper is going to die. As a result, the statement should say “Charlie Harper Dead”.

Fans of Charlie Sheen are now happy to know that the death news of Charlie Sheen was a rumor. He is alive and nothing has happened to him.

Other Charlie Sheen news is that he will be back with a new show. It has reported that  Charlie Sheen, his producer Joe Roth and Lionsgate media have collaborated to make a new sitcom based on the movie ‘Anger Management’ that was released on 2003. It is planned that the show will be released early in 2012.

So, Charlie Sheen fans, you may take a long breath and relax, Charlie Sheen is not dead! The news about his death is a rumor.



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