India Bomb Blast: India’s Busiest City is Under Attack Once Again

India, once again comes under discussion for the topic “regional security and terrorist organization in this area”. This is the latest “India news”.  On Wednesday July 13th, Mumbai, the busiest city of India was attacked once again with horrible bomb blasts. The attacks occurred in rush hour, at approximately 2.40 P.M. and there were several people injured and killed. These bomb blasts took place in three places which are the opera house and Zaberi Bazar in south Mumbai and a  railway station in Darbar. As you most likely know Mumbai was attacked by a group of terrorists in 2008.

Mumbai police stated these bomb blasts are terrorist attacks and directly blamed the Indian Mujahedin for the attacks. No terrorist organizations have acknowledged  the responsibility for the bomb blasts. The Indian home minister stated these bomb blasts are a co-ordinated attack by terrorists.

As per the latest statement from the chief minister of the Maharashtra state, there were at least 13 people killed and 81 people injured in last explosions in Mumbai on Wednesday. The Indian home ministry already set up an inquiry team with a group of experts for this explosion.

Still it is not reported, who or which organizations are liable for this bomb blasts there is only speculation at this time. Questions about the security conditions of South Asian countries have been raised as a result of the attacks.

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