Rodney King Suspected DUI Arrest

Rodney King was arrested by the police for suspicion of driving under the influence on Tuesday. He is best known as the man who was the victim of a beating by the Los Angeles Police in 1991, that was caught on video.

Let’s take a flashback at Rodney King’s history and revisit some information about him. Rodney King was granted USD 3.8 million in a civil case for 1991 attack on him by police. It is that incident which lead to the riots in the city. Rodney King was suffered brain damage after the attack and has struggled with alcohol addiction for a long time. He also has been caught several times for this habit by the police. This man has also appeared on VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab with Doctor Drew” with an actor named Jeff Conaway and became a familiar figure. Rodney King was also reported as being shot with a shotgun by a stranger in 2007 when the stranger tried to steal his bicycle.

Police stopped 46 years old Rodney King while driving his Mitsubishi around 3 p.m. on Frederick Street, which is close the Moreno Valley Town Center. As per the police report, Rodney King was driving unpredictably. He was taken into police custody at the of Moreno Valley police station, where he was assessed for possible intoxication.

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