Mumbai News: A Terrible Bomb Blast in India

There was a bomb blast that occurred in Mumbai at approximately 2.40 P.M in Zaberi Bazar, opera house and near Dadar railway station today, as reported by NDTV. There was no exact news on how many people have been injured. As per some non-government sources and news agencies, approximately 10 people have been killed. In opera house and Zaberi Bazar, which are located in south Mumbai, there were two explosions that occurred. The third explosion occurred in near Dadar railway station, which is located in central Mumbai. All of the blasts occurred in rush hour. This bomb blast is similar to another Mumbai terrorist attack in 2008.

The Maharashtra government originally had not reported it as terrorist attacks, but the Home Ministry has reported it as terrorist attacks. They also declared that they have quickly established  three teams from the National Intelligence Agency of Mumbai with forensic experts to investigate the attacks.

On the other hand, the Mumbai police are blaming the Indian Mujahedeen for this terrible attacks. This group was defined in 2008, after the 2008 attacks in Mumbai and it was as similar as Laskar-E-Taiyeba, a terrorist organization probably based in Pakistan.

Currently no terrorist or any other organizations have admitted liability or any relation to the bomb blasts.

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