Chupacabra Mistaken Identity

The folks of Texas seem to have just dropped out of a imaginary movie. Regardless of whether this animal is a coyote or a some other type of Maine cat, the fact of the matter is, it doesn’t look like anything the folks in Texas appear to have seen before. A rancher in Hood County near San Antonio reported hearing an unusual growl coming from his barn. The problem with the description according to Loren Coleman, the head of the International Cryptozoology Museum is that it doesn’t really fit that of a Chupacabra either.

Research on this animal basically lends itself to the fact that the animal in Texas is most likely a coyote with the mange. The rancher who heard the growl is convinced that what he heard was not that of the common Texas animal. The rancher said he knew one thing about the animal for sure, it was “ugly, real ugly”. The Cupacabra is also a quite unsightly itself.

DNA tests were performed on the animal.¬†¬†Authorities were not returning phone calls in reference to this animal but the tests did show that the animal is similar to what is commonly known in Spanish as a “goat-sucker”. Several corpses were found by various golfers on golf courses in several areas of Texas. However, the author of several books on Cryptozoology says that this sighting of a Chupacabra is purely media noise.

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