Charlie Sheen Dead Rumors

On Tuesday, there was a strong rumor  spreading continuously and running until now about the death of Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen dead rumors were mostly spread through Facebook, Twitter and other social media in the early morning.

The messages were like this “Charlie Sheen found dead at his house” or “Charlie Sheen is dead” or “ Breaking news: Charlie Sheen is dead”. Some other messages related with Charlie Sheen death were established as a hot search through multiple search engines.

With the messages of “Charlie Sheen Dead Rumors”, so many people were affected by the scam. People all over the world were searching for this big rumor. And that’s all it was, a rumor, the news had no ground to back it up.

The rumors providing the information that Charlie Sheen is dead have been started by the plotline in his former hit show “Two and a Half Men”.  It has reported that CBS management plans to murder Charlie Harper, Charlie Sheen’s character, to remove him from the show. This is a permanent way to confirm “Charlie Harper” never returns.

The rumors have not been executed by anybody at CBS.  But the “Charlie Sheen Dead Rumors” would be an excellent way to get ratings up of their show.

The actual news is, Charlie is dead… but it’s Charlie Harper, the fictional character of “Two and Half a Men”, not the real Charlie Sheen.

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