Disney Developing Two Movies for Actor Johnny Depp

The world famous movie maker Walt Disney Studios is developing two movies for the famous actor Johnny Depp. ‘The Night Stalker’ and a Paul Revere story are Depp’s new projects.

“The Night Stalker” is based on the movie which was first shown in 1972 through ABC-TV. That changed into the series “Kolchak: The Night Stalker. The story of “The Night Stalker” was about a print media reporter in Chicago who investigated mysterious deaths, which were related to the supernatural.

The movie ‘Revere’ is based on the colonial character and his legendary night-time ride. This movie is being brought to the public after an incorrect description by Sarah Palin, the former Alaska Governor, about the Paul Revere story. After the incorrect speech on Revere by Sarah Palin, The movie “Revere” becomes a hot discussion topic once again. The Walter Disney team has selected the right time for making their movies based on ‘’The Night Stalker” and “Revere”. The writers, Lee and Janet will write this  movie “Revere” while the writer for the movie based on Night Stalker is still not selected.

The collaboration of Walter Disney and Johnny Depp has always been profitable.This was last seen when their film “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” earned more than $1 billion US. They recently had another successful and profitable movie, “Alice in Wonderland”. Hopefully, Walt Disney Studios expects a lot of success once again from these movies with Johnny Depp.


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