Rihanna Supposedly Dating Drake

Rihanna denied the relationship with Drake when the gossip about her and Drake was creating a buzz. The rumors were spreading day by day that Rihanna Supposedly was Dating Drake. There were so many rumors occurring about Drake and Rihanna just a couple of weeks ago. They have been denying during that time. But the real fact is they have been caught together in a club.

Rihanna Dating Drake
In the last year, Drake said in an interview with the New-York Times that Rihanna used him as a pawn. He also said that “do you know what she was doing to me? She was doing like what I’ve done to so many women throughout my life, which is showing them quality time, and then disappears. I was like, wow, this feels terrible.”
Rihanna replied in response to Drake’s interview, “We weren’t certainly sure what it was. I definitely was attracted to Drake, but I think it is what it is, we didn’t want to take it any further”.
The above statements came from Rihanna and Drake last year, which has officially proven that there was something between them but it was not clear. After that there were many rumors that came out about their relationships with different people.
But recently, the rumors again are taking place that “Rihanna Supposedly is Dating Drake”. Is it true or false? Well, in the past they usually denied this rumor but time will tell.
It has been reported that, Rihanna and Drake were seen closely at a night club in Canada in June, and they are supposedly secretly seeing each other. However, for getting the real story behind the rumors, we have to wait.

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