Charlie Sheen Dead Rumors Ignited ‘Two and a Half Men’

Yesterday people were shocked by high-voltage rumors which came out through internet search and social media that the popular actor Charlie Sheen is dead. Such kind of news usually spreads so quickly and the same thing happened this time. Charlie Sheen’s fans started their search for confirming this information about their favorite actor. Such kind of search usually begins through the internet that so many of us rely on every day. By this method, the news about the death of Charlie Sheen dead was spread even more.

Charlie Sheen Not Dead

Over the previous day, most captions about Charlie Sheen’s death were starting as “Breaking News” and the rumors especially spread through Facebook and Twitter. Some sources stated that Sheen was dead from cardiac arrest and some sources stated that he died in his house. Other sources did not explain any reasons and just said “Charlie Sheen died”.

This proves that the internet is the most powerful media for gathering any news. Charlie Sheen death rumors first came out through internet and it widely spread. Charlie sheen fans were seriously affected by this internet rumor that Charlie Sheen was dead. They have just misused their time for running behind the rumors. Yes, it was a rumor. Charlie Sheen is not dead, in fact he is alive and winning with the anticipation of his new sitcom which is suppose to be better than ‘Two and a Half Men’. However, his character on ‘Two and a Half Men’,  Charlie Harper is dead.

Have you figured out who is to gain the most from such rumors? Have you noticed that after these internet rumors about Charlie Sheen dead, the show “Two and a Half Men” came to the limelight more than ever before. Was this indeed a marketing stunt by the shows producers? We will never know the real truth.

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