The Open Championship: John Daly’s Attire

Golfers are an odd breed. They require silence while they swing away at a ball lying flat and still. Moreover, baseball players are swinging at balls coming toward them at 90 mph or so. That alone makes golfers a breed of their of own, never mind all the other rules of etiquette that the PGA Tour players demand. Today at The Open Championship, John Daly obviously violated every single rule of golfing etiquette.

John is known world wide for some of his crazy antics but these pants may have topped the cake. John had lap-band surgery and didn’t mind sharing the details with the world. He wrote a song called “All My Exes Wear Rolexes” and garnered some great laughs with that one. However, these purple pants with lime green and yellow amoeba-shaped designs on them have topped everything we could possibly expect not to find at The Open Championship.

This the 150 anniversary of the tournament and officials made changes to try to bring the fans in closer to the actual game. Of course, that means more people have to learn to live by the golfing world’s rules. While the fans are learning to cope with the silence and the inability to let camera’s flash or even click, the players should all know what is appropriate by now. Apparently though, someone forgot to remind John Daly that he was headed to play in The Open Championship at the prestigious course at St. Andrews.

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