ConocoPhillips Oil Field Leak

The ConocoPhillips operation at some rigs in China were stopped by an order from the Government of China. There were several rigs in an area affected by oil leaks, creating a slick which is about 336 square miles. The report says, the Government of China has stated their uncertainty as another leak could happen at any time. The spill was identified on June 4th, but came into public during the first week of July.

ConocoPhillips, the world leading integrated energy company engaged with oil business, has been operating several oil fields in greater China. A slick was created by a spill at Bohai Bay oil field located on China’s eastern coast, which is operated by ConocoPhillips. The operations would not be allowed to resume until the source of the leak could be located, said by the State Oceanic Administration of China.

ConocoPhillips was instructed by the State Oceanic Administration to postpone their operation on platforms B and C of the oil field, the company stated in a press briefing. The SOA stated that the order should be followed immediately.

As per a statement from the State Oceanic Administration, “Oil has been seeping continuously into the sea from B and C platforms in the Penglai oil field and there is still a slick in the adjoining naval areas,” For this reason SOA has no doubt that another leak could happen at any time, creating a major risk to the oceanic environment.

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