Roger Clemens Mistrial

Just a few hours ago, United States District Judge Walton called a mistrial in the case against legendary pitcher Roger Clemens. The mistrial does not prohibit a retrial. But this current ruling clearly saved Roger Clemens from being thrown in prison for perjury. There were many people who really wanted to see the Roger Clemens be imprisoned, if a post reactions poll from the public was taken. Many people wanted to see Clemens found guilty and locked up for his lying with the government.

Roger Clemens Trial

But why was the Roger Clemens case was ruled as mistrial? If you go back to when the trial was running, you would find that it probably happened for the prosecutor’s error. The district attorney erred poorly as violating a rule, which was imposed by Judge Walton. This rule banned the admission of proof that spoke to the reliability of confirm witnesses. The prosecutor showed judges of a screen which has exposed comments by Congressman Elijah Cummings that spoke to the reliability of a confirmed witness, which was a strong violation of Judge’s order.

However, the prosecutor executed this error so badly and it greatly affected this case. The judge ruled a mistrial probably as a result of the prosecutors’ error. As per the judge’s view, the prosecutor’s errors prevented Roger Clemens from receiving a fair trial. The jury may have lost its prejudice because they saw the information which could have incorrectly impacted their assessment of the trial. Perhaps, this view of the jury made an effect on the Judge’s order.

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