Emmy Nominations: Who Received an Emmy Nod

The 63rd Emmy nominations are the hottest topics at this moment. The people are eagerly waiting for the announcement along with the actors and actresses who are hoping for nominations. Some popular actors and actresses have expressed their comments and reactions regarding the Emmy nominations.

Matt LeBlanc who is nominated for lead actor said “My mother’s in town. The phone started ringing at 5:30, and she came upstairs in her pajamas. She thought it was like an earthquake or something.”

Melissa McCarthy, the actress who is nominated for lead actress for the comedy series Mike & Molly, expressed her opinion as “I was like, ‘I hope I don’t wet my pants.’’

Margo Martindale, nominated for best actress in a supporting role in a drama series,  reacted as “Maybe I’ll have to put on some makeup today.” She was so excited!

“I’m really thrilled. I’m with my daughter, I woke her up as well and she was really excited about it. I said, ‘Daddy got nominated for an Emmy.’ She’s like, ‘Really?’ She goes, ‘Daddy, you’re going to be as famous as the guys from ‘Twilight.’”  said Idris Elba, who is nominated as an actor in a lead role for the movie “Luther” and as a guest actor in a comedy series for “The Big C.”

The above reactions came from a few of the actors and actresses who were nominated today when the Emmy nominations were announced.

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