British Open 2010: Tiger and Rory

Naturally when the world of golf hits a course like the one at St. Andrews, the talk surrounds the big players like Tiger Woods and John Daly. This year, at the Home of Golf as the course is referred to, Rory McIlroy is making news by topping the leader board early and often. The biggest story of all time to come from this stop on the tour surrounds Tom Watson’s almost win last year. The British Open 2010 should have a big story of it’s own sooner than later.

Last year, a 59 year old Tom Watson lost the entire tournament in a playoff at Turnberry. A win by Watson may not have been as big of a story though. For this year’s go at the tournament, the news is about John Daly’s atrocious pants, Rory’s big play finishing at 63 for the day and Tiger Woods’ use of a new putter. Regardless of who pulls out the wins, the British Open 2010 will be full of noteworthy information just as it always is.

It hardly seems possible to think that Tiger hasn’t played really good golf this season. For so long Tiger was a staple on the leader board only to fall hard this season. Today, he shot 67 which doesn’t give him the top spot but it sure puts him up there closer than he has managed to be thus far this year. The British Open 2010 is one big stop on the PGA Tour and for Tiger to pull out a win here would be noting short of amazing considering his play of late.

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