Casey Anthony Released: Death Threats Rising for Casey

Casey Anthony and her parents Cindy and George Anthony have received death threats since the trial. Casey Anthony will be released from jail on Sunday, July 17. She will leave jail with more money in her bank account from strangers who sent her money during her trial, not normal for a parole. Why would people do this? Some have had their experiences with the law, sex offenders, aggravated assault and have felt sorry for the mother of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony.

Casey Anthony Released

Since the jury in Orlando, Florida, found Casey Anthony not guilty of the murder of little Caylee, people have been outraged. Some believing she committed the murder, are wondering how she can go free, where is the justice for little Caylee? Possibly,the jury did not want to take the life of Casey Anthony knowing she would receive the death penalty? Jurors are also afraid of their lives since the not guilty verdict.

Reports are saying that she will receive the death penalty anyway from someone outside the law. Death threats to Casey Anthony are on the rise. Will she leave jail with a new identity,where will she go, will the same police that arrested her, now have to protect her? She has offers from the same strangers that sent her money, to come live with them. Plus Casey Anthony has received proposals of marriage from strangers saying they love her. What has happened to society? Where is the person who murdered a 2-year-old girl?


  1. susan burns says:

    What a WASTE she is!!!!! Do you want to know what went wrong with the jury? Here is the scoop.
    When Scott Peterson could not get a fair trial in Modesto CA, the move him to Redwood City where the jury lived. Florida made a horrible mistake by taking the jurors out of there lives and putting them up in hotels. The defense prolong the case as much as possible.

    The jury wanted to go back to their lives and the rest of summer and made a hastful choice. They did not want to look at the evidence because that would create guilt. If they found her guilty of any of the harsh crimes, they were stuck there for another couple weeks to say the least.

    Stupid Florida. The verdict would have been different if you did what Californina did.

    I can’t stand the skank!!! There are so many better people that made mistakes that I wish had her luck!!!

  2. Icy Idiots says:

    Stupid idiot, they did move the trial from Orlando to Tampa.

    And no matter what the public opinion, anyone who makes death threats against Casey Anthony, her family, or anyone else is guilty of a crime.

  3. Sharon says:

    Social rejection is greater punishment for a narcissist.

  4. Bill Smith says:

    Murdering Bitch! Yiu should die.

  5. Cheri says:

    She better watch her back, but what good will that do!! What goes around…WILL COME AROUND! She deserves what she gets!

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