Green Card Lottery Results

There were thousands of immigrants who were rejected a shot at American residency on Friday because the United State Department of Immigration declared the green card lottery results not valid.

Green Card Lottery

The annual green card lottery takes place among millions of international applicants expecting to be selected for a green card or permanent resident visa for the United States. The applicants were expecting the same process as previous years. The results were published a few months ago and many people were so excited after being selected in the annual United States green card lottery. But this year the excitement of 22000 people who were told they were granted visas has now turned to frustration.

The green card lottery results were withdrawn because of a computer program mistake that made the picks.
Some annoyed people denied this decision and filed a claim to evade being returned to the pool of fifteen million applicants. But a judge terminated the case for same reason, which is, the computer program incorrectly preferred people who applied earlier. The judge also stated the reason of dismissal; the selection process was not random and had to be voided.

“It is a big upset for my plans,” stated by a worker, who is from TOGO and a technology worker. I quit my job when I assumed that I had won a visa. I don’t know how I will survive.” He said to the Washington Post about the green card lottery.

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