Woman Cuts Off Mans Penis: Catherine Kieu Becker Cuts Off Husbands Penis

People all over North America cringed when they heard the news this week of a woman cutting off her husbands penis. Catherine Kieu Becker of Garden Grove, California has been accused of cutting off her husbands penis. It has been reported that she is in custody in the Orange County jail and has not been given bail.

Why Catherine Kieu Becker cut off her husbands penis is not known, but how the event took place is known. She reportedly drugged her husband by putting some type of sedative in his dinner. She then tied him to the bed posts and with a ten inch knife performed the cut. It has been alleged that she then put the penis down the garbage disposal.

Catherine Kieu Becker and her husband were having marital problems. He had filed for divorce back in May after only one year of marriage. She will be remanded in custody until her next court appearance next Friday. If she is found guilty of the charges against her Catherine Kieu Becker could be spending a long time in prison for cutting off her husbands pecker!



  1. Ken says:

    This woman would be a perfect candidate for the Boxing Helena treatment.

  2. Kim says:

    What is does not say here is what brought her to such reage to perfom this act. He inevitabley had to somethng VERY hurtful to her to put her in this type of reage. He is just not an innocent little mouse waiting for attention.

  3. TLSmith says:

    My hero! LOL!

  4. Marthaq says:

    I don’t blame her. He probably deserved it. Men are liars and cheaters. She should be found innocent seeing as Casey Anthony got away with the murder of her toddler, at least this man survived and gets to live without a dick. Then again to live without a dick wouldn’t mean he’s living life. I’m sure she can plea that she did it in the HEAT OF PASION.

  5. DustinJames says:

    Are you two serious? Had it been a man here who had taken a steak knife to his wife’s vagina, would you really be so quick to say, well I wonder what that woman did to that poor man to make him do that or “My hero! LOL!”

  6. Lynn says:

    Not saying that she was right but, I understand. Every time he sits down to take a piss he’ll remember the pain he caused her. My bet is she caught him with another. You can f$&@ with people and their hearts if you wanna, you may pay the ultimate price for the hurt you cause. Karma is a bitch ain’t it?

  7. jeff says:

    wow some people are fd up. never should you hurt another person like that, get your brains checked and maybe you should be behind bars

  8. jeff says:

    marthaq youre likely a fat jealous pig

  9. flowers76 says:

    If her husband isn’t a serial killer or a rapist then NO he didn’t deserve it. I don’t think anyone deserves to get any part of their body cut off. She must be a real Phsyco. If he cheated or she was that insecure than leave him and get on with a new life. Maybe the new law should be to punish the phsyco with a taste of her own medicine.

  10. tricia866 says:

    this is an absolutely horrific thing she did! anyone who says this is ok or they understand it is clearly a horrible person! this woman should spend her life in prison!

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