Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Divorce

One of the hottest couples in Hollywood, with a great business partnership as well, or so it seemed, are calling it quits after seven years of marriage and 2 beautiful three-year-old twins. The romance is over and time to move on. They are filing for divorce and are saying it is an amicable, difficult decision they have made to end their marriage.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Split

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have been working on a music-based reality show together, “Q’Viva! The Chosen, a Latin music talent show with the creator of American Idol, Simon Fuller. They looked great together when Marc Anthony performed on American Idol along with Jennifer dancing to his music. Jennifer Lopez has also confirmed that she will be back as a judge once again on American Idol, she took sometime to make this decision.

When they announced their split on Friday, they asked for respect of their privacy at this time. What has happened to this famous couple that seemed to be inseparable? Jennifer Lopez has been married twice previously, this will be her third divorce and Marc Anthony’s second divorce. Are they spending too much time on work and not enough on play or is there a third party in the mix?


  1. Rabi Abdulsalam says:

    Haba!!! Pls u both shld cme 2geda & work out ur differences. I felt so bad wen I heard dis. I love u both & pray dat God in his infinity mercy wil calm woteva d problem was down. Put d haters in2 shame. J.Lo & Marc. Together d beta.

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