Woman Cuts Off Husband’s Penis

Catherine Kieu Becker of Southern California has made the news this week for being the woman that cut off her husbands penis. The mutilation occurred on Monday in Garden Grove, California near Orange County. Reports allege that Kieu Becker drugged her husband by lacing his dinner with a sedative. After he was knocked out she allegedly tied him to the bed post, took off his pants and cut off his penis with a 10 inch knife.

The story does not stop there. After she did the deed, Catherine Kieu Becker then put the penis down the garbage disposal, before calling 911. What could have caused this woman to cut off her husbands penis, I can only imagine it must have been something very serious.

Catherine Kieu Becker and her husband, whose name has not been released, were estranged. In fact her husband of one year had filed for divorce in May citing irreconcilable differences.

Currently Kieu Becker is being held in the Orange County jail without bail. There are a multitude of charges against her including, aggravated mayhem, false imprisonment and assault with a deadly weapon. She will be returning to court on Friday. If she is convicted she could receive life in prison for cutting off her husbands penis.

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