Kim Kardashian Wedding Date

The Kim Kardashian wedding date is set for August 20 when she will marry New Jersey Nets basketball player Kris Humphries. The couple was in the spotlight of several tabloids for months after they revealed the wedding ceremony will be held this year but refused to elaborate on a date. Kardashian and Humphries plan to organize their bachelor and bachelorette parties in Las Vegas while the wedding ceremony will take place in California.

Kim Kardashian Wedding

The reality TV star and her 26-year-old fiance are rumored to have planned the Kim Kardashian wedding date for a later date but have been forced to agree on a date in August due to huge media interest. While the Kim Kardashian wedding date is already known, the place is yet to be selected with at least 1,000 guests preparing to attend the ceremony. The couple planned to have a wedding party on the East coast and another one on the West coast but they agreed to make it just one huge party, sources close to Kardashian said.

The Kim Kardashian wedding date was carefully selected not to coincide with other major social events while most TV pundits expect the wedding to be broadcast on television or filmed for Kardashian’s reality TV show. You can bet that before Kim Kardashian’s wedding date approaches closer Kim and Kris will let everyone know where the event will take place because she seems to loves the spotlight.


  1. happy marraid lyfe

  2. Melissa Ortiz says:

    First of all Kris is only 26. Second of all, Kim is in love with love. She convinces herself that she is in love with every boyfriend.Lol.but ya, it’s nice that’s she’s happy. Congrats to Kim. Can’t wait to see the dress!

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