Kim Kardashian Wedding: Date, Dress & Dance

The wedding of the year is set to take place next month between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. The two became engaged back in May, when Kris presented Kim with at 20.5 carat diamond stunner. It was speculated from the beginning that the nuptials would take place this summer and the alleged Kim Kardashian wedding date is August 20th.

The wedding is expected to be a lavish affair that will take place at an estate in L.A. Guests have been given their invites, but have been sworn to secrecy. Kim and KrisĀ  have been taking dance lessons with Kim’s Dancing With The Stars partner Mark Ballas, to create a fabulous Kim Kardashian wedding dance. Kim has also been hitting the gym with her trainers to get her body into tip top shape for the big day.

Kim and her sister Kourtney were spotted out in New York last month with designer Vera Wang. It is believed that Vera Wang is designing the Kim Kardashian wedding dress, or should I say dresses. Yes, it has been reported that Kim will have two dresses for her special day.

Kim’s other sister Khloe Kardashian has been reported to be planning the Bachelorette Party for her big sis. Taking place in Las Vegas, Khloe plans to embarrass Kim on her last crazy night as a single woman.

For all of you that did not receive an invite to the big day don’t fret. The Kim Kardashian wedding will be filmed for a special episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’. Yes you read that right, the big day will be shown for all fans to see!


  1. Lesedi says:

    I wish everyone would stop talking about kim kardashian’s wedding ,because we all know that it might not last that without sounding too mean about it STOP

  2. Rabi Abdulsalam says:

    OMG! Kim I am one of ur dyeing hearted fan over here in Nigeria. D sky is ur limit. Go girl & show d world dat wit God by ur side nothin is impossible. Haters gone hate. Happy Married Life in Advance. Luv u gals includin ur bro Rob!

  3. Marissa says:

    Kim Kardasian mark my word me nd you will chill on day but for now im just pissed i wasnt nvited i can invison myself having your life ( bbal wife, reality tv star, umm modelin) but i would do a little more acting work none the less i love you to death nd if iu even take the time to give a crap about these comment from yo haters then shame on you. do yo thang gurl. time will tell for them. nd when i get marreid i want mah color to be pink …. i wonder whats yours ya knoe i havent really got the details. but ill be watching me nd all mah friends (we wanna be famous together) so yea do it with class cuh u got a big ass :p

    Marissa (ull knoe me one day)

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