The Bachelorette July 18: Who Get’s A Rose

The men are dwindling away on this season of the Bachelorette with Ashley Hebert. She has narrowed the field of potential husbands down to four. The Bachelorette July 18th episode will bring Ashely and the men back to the United States for hometown dates.

When she heads to Constantine’s home Ashely not only gets to meet his sister and parents, but his whole family. Aunt’s, uncle’s, cousin’s and grandparent’s all head over to Constantine’s parents home for a big party. There was food galore and lots of dancing, and we all know Ashley loves to dance. His family makes Ashley feel very welcome, but can you see her and Constantine together in the end?

The other dates bring Ashley to the hometowns of J.P., Ames and Ben on the Bachelorette July 18th. Ashley seems very comfortable with J.P, the two sit closely and appear to have a connection. J.P. as you may remember from last week is suffering from jealously issues. Finding it hard to see Ashley with the other guys, knowing how he feels for her. Could he be the one who gets the final rose? Speculation all over the internet says J.P. and Ashley end up together in the end.

On tonight’s episode there are conflicting reports on as to who goes home. One site says Ames is not given a rose, while another says Constantine leaves the show. Tune in to the Bachelorette July 18th to see gets a rose and continues on in the journey of finding love.

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