Casey Anthony Released: Casey At Undisclosed Location

Reports are saying the Casey Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez asked Casey’s parents, George and Cindy Anthony to act as decoys at her release in the early hours of Sunday morning. They along with their attorney, Mark Lippman, refused the risky request. Cindy Anthony had previously tried to visit Casey in jail, but was turned away. It seems Casey Anthony wanted to use her parents once again.

Casey Anthony Location

After Casey Anthony’s extremely guarded release on Sunday morning, she hopped into a black SUV with her lawyer, amongst crowds yelling out Caylee’s name and people holding signs for Caylee. Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her little 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, according to the jury. According to the crowds outside the jail, they wanted revenge and did not agree with the verdict.

The black SUV drove Casey Anthony to a private plane waiting at the Orlando Executive Airport, reports say, owned by a wealthy lawyer from California. It is believed it took Casey Anthony to an undisclosed location in Prescott, Arizona, landing just after 3:00 a.m. Or did she board that plane? Jose Baez told Mark Lippman that she is safe, but gave no location. Is it possible that Casey Anthony is about to make millions of dollars from books, interviews ,and movies depicting her life story?


  1. Pat Sparks says:

    Well If we believe in God’s Word why are we so upset she is free? Her day will come if she killed her sweet little little kellly she will have the worst pain anyone has ever known.Or Maybe she will turn to GOD herself. It’s hard for us to believe any one in their right mind could believe she is free.The word FREE don’t fit her. She is not free.Don’t forget to thank GOD for the millions who have showed how much we love our children,be good to them. Pat Sparks

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