Earthquake in Maryland

The world shook for the residents in Maryland and DC. In the new era of social media, it’s been much easier for the residents of any natural disaster to make contact with their loved ones. The residents of Montgomery County felt the shake at approximately 5:04 AM this morning. The epicenter of the earthquake in Maryland was Gatlinburg.

The depth of this shake is being reported as approximately 3.1 miles deep. The authorities have yet to report in any damage however many residents did call 911 to report the incident. Regardless of the fact that this wasn’t a huge shake compared to many others in the world, it was definitely a shocker for the folks who felt it. West Virginia, Delaware and Virginia felt some of the shake as well. It really is extremely rare for to have an earthquake in Maryland and that area, the residents knew what was going on.

The weather for the most part in 2010 has been more than remotely odd. The winter started with extreme snow and then a bout of heat.  As a matter of fact, right now the heat in that area is excruciating and today’s shake has the residents on their toes. Many residents who aren’t normally even out of the bed that early felt the shake this morning before ever getting out of bed. Those that had already hit the work path this morning during the earthquake in Maryland definitely knew something was wrong.

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