Sports Bettor Billy Walters

Sports bettor Billy Walters is one of those few gamblers that can win consistently and demonstrate great skills in a city like Las Vegas where betting is a way of living. He is also a man who does not like to boast and reveal his secrets, he is definitely not a bragger.

Billy Walters

ABC correspondent Lara Logan has interviewed sports bettor Billy Walters while he played golf with old friends, in betting parlors and in pool rooms, depicting an enigmatic figure of a man that has been able to successfully bet for a living for over three decades. He is not afraid to bet $5,000 a hole, playing with an old buddy and casino owner Gene McCarlie. The journalist later learned he had managed to make $400,000 on a hole.

It is not unusual for gamblers to bet on everything but sports bettor Billy Walters demonstrates class, revealing he was able to make a million dollars on a round of golf. Adding that he lost the entire sum playing blackjack the same night.
If there are naturally born gamblers on Earth, sports bettor Billy Walters should be a leading star amongst them with his bet on last year’s Super Bowl winning $3.5 million in a single day. You bet Billy Walters is not going to retire, really.

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