Woman Shoots at Puppy but Kills Husband

Police officers in Jackson, Mississippi have had to visit a rare crime scene where a woman shoots at puppy but kills husband. Betty Walker shot her husband in the chest while trying to kill a pit bull that attacked some kids playing nearby. Robert Walker, 53, died accidentally, according to Jackson police spokeswoman Colendula Green.

A Hinds County grand jury is to decide how to proceed with the case “A woman shoots at puppy but kills husband” after witnesses revealed that Robert Walker managed to pick up the pit bull puppy while the children it tried to attack were taken inside. Unfortunately, his wifes shot deadly wounded him in the chest with the puppy escaping with a wounded leg, local media reported.

Betty Walker used a .38-caliber revolver to shoot the dog which jumped the fence, but her action ended up in her screaming “I shot your daddy”, her son revealed. The tragedy in Jackson in which a woman shoots at puppy but kills husband could have been avoided if Betty Walker had reacted more calmly, police experts said.

The dog owner, Lazarius Montgomery, faces charges related to his dog attacking children in the neighborhood which resulted in a horror-movie-like scene in which a woman shoots at puppy but kills husband. The dog, named Cocaine, has been taken by animal control officers while Montgomery’s relatives claim the dog was fenced all the time and was not able to attack anybody.

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